Custom Comb-Over Hat

Create your own custom Comb-Over Hat!

Product Information

Price: $35.00

(You will be able to indicate your “skin” and “hair” color choices once you add the item to your cart.)

This is a classic beanie made from acrylic yarn in your choice of “skin color”, with a second yarn (the “hair’) around the sides and back, resembling the standard pattern of a balding head. But why stop at bald? There are loose, single strands across the top of the pate and secured them on the other side. No blow-aways here! However, if you turn the hat inside-out, it becomes a crochet bald cap, with no combed over hairs, for those days when you want to keep it real. This is a great gift for aging men, anyone celebrating an “over the hill” birthday, or a woman who hates getting hit on at bars.

A word of caution, though: if you are thinking of giving this to someone who lacks a sense of humor or if you are trying to get someone to “lighten up about your little balding problem,” please refrain from giving this. It will not work. You will make them mad, you will make them cry, or possibly you will get yourself thrown out of a birthday party.

**Please read before purchasing: To customize the hat for your own soon-to-be-combed-over head, click Add to Cart. Then, choose from the Hair and Skin dropdown menus. If you have a different color in mind that is not in the photo, just let me me know.**

Sizing is as follows (rounded to nearest inch or centimeter):

Newborn (0-6 months): 16″ around, 6″ long (41cm, 15cm)

Infant (6-12 months): 18″ around, 6.5″ long (46cm, 17cm)

Toddler (1-3 years): 19″ around, 7″ long (48cm, 18cm)

Child (3-10 years): 20″ around, 7″ long (51cm, 18cm)

Pre-Teen and Adult Female: 22″ around, 7.5″ long (56cm, 19cm)

Adult Male: 23″ around, 8″ long (58cm, 20cm)

When you click Add to Cart, you will see yarn options. If you would like acrylic yarn, there is no extra cost. However, if you would like a wool, wool-blend, or cotton yarn, there is an added charge.

While hand-washing is always preferable, this hat is machine-washable. Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Dry either on a tumble-dry setting or by laying flat.

Please note: these instructions are for acrylic yarn. If you choose a wool- or cotton-yarn, the washing instructions will be included with your hat.



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