Upcycled Felt Angler Fish Beanie

The deep sea angler fish is an amazing creature. They have a long filament that hangs down in front of their mouths and acts as bait for other fish. So when a fish swims up and sees what looks like a worm swimming in the dark, why, that fish thinks today is just the best day ever. Until it gets chomped. Imagine if humans had such devices for catching food. Well, I guess that would be like a fishing pole, huh? Well, imagine a fishing pole coming out of your head.

Product Information

Price: $35.00
This is a crocheted beanie, made from a vibrant violet yarn. It has a vicious angler fish cut from bright mustard yellow felt, with dangerous white felt teeth. It is stitched on with white thread for durability and folksy charm.  For an eye, it has a 1″ brown plastic button, with a pretty tiger’s eye-like center. This button was found at a thrift store, part of an old brooch, which had been taken apart and reused.  The fish is 7″ long from the point of its tooth to the end of its tail.

Sizing is as follows (rounded to nearest inch or centimeter):

Newborn (0-6 months): 16″ around, 6″ long (41cm, 15cm)

Infant (6-12 months): 18″ around, 6.5″ long (46cm, 17cm)

Toddler (1-3 years): 19″ around, 7″ long (48cm, 18cm)

Child (3-10 years): 20″ around, 7″ long (51cm, 18cm)

Pre-Teen and Adult Female: 22″ around, 7.5″ long (56cm, 19cm)

Adult Male: 23″ around, 8″ long (58cm, 20cm)

**Please note: this hat is not recommended for children under 3 years old, due to the small brooch which can present a choking hazard.**

This hat is made of the following materials:

  • 100% acrylic yarn
  • Felt
  • Cotton thread
  • Plastic button

When you click Add to Cart, you will see yarn options. If you would like acrylic yarn, there is no extra cost. However, if you would like a wool, wool-blend, or cotton yarn, there is an added charge.

Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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