Violent Violet Chunky Neckwarmer

Scarves can be bothersome. Everyone knows this. Even the scarf knows it. The ends flop over your shoulder, get caught in car doors, and may even drag on the ground. That's where a neckwarmer has a leg-up on a scarf. The ends button together neatly, keeping your neck warm without hassle.

Product Information

Price: $33.00
Please note, this is a custom order and may take up to a week to complete. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive.

This hat is made of the following materials:

  • 100% Acrylic yarn
  • Plastic buttons
While hand-washing is always preferrable, this hat is machine-washable. Wash in cold water. Dry either on a tumble-dry setting or by laying flat.

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